Swedish Vallhunds New Zealand

All Puppies:
Are evaluated for suitability
Are registered with the NZKC
Are vaccinated
Are health Checked
Come with an information brochure
Come with food for 3 days
Have on-going support from the breeder
Have a Sale and purchase Agreement
In many parts of the world, Herding dogs continue to gather, herd and protect livestock, functions that they have performed since prehistoric times. But that's far from all they do. Today, some Herding breeds, such as the German Shepherd Dog, are commonly trained for police and protection work. Others, such as the  Border Collie, excel at competitive performance events. Because of their outstanding loyalty and intelligence, Herding dogs are prized as house dogs, watchdogs and companions.
Herding dogs specialize in rounding up livestock, finding strays and moving animals from one grazing area to another. They are
designed to tirelessly stalk and chase. Their high working drive and boundless energy are great for rounding up sheep, but dogs
 with these traits do not easily adapt to an undemanding lifestyle. Barking, heel nipping and nudging are normal herding
behaviors that may be seen as problems in a house pet.
Is a Herding Dog Breed for you? Look at these 8 facts about the Herding Dog to decide if it is the right dog for your life situation.
1. They are loyal, intelligent and extremely affectionate toward their owners.
2. Their weatherproof coats are good for all types of climates.
3. They are versatile and have plenty of stamina for participating in all kinds of activities with their owners, and they excel at
    dog sports.
4. Herding dogs are sturdy and rugged and make good watchdogs; many work as police and military dogs.
5. They require consistent training and socialization as puppies.
6. Instinctive herding behaviors such as barking, budging, stalking and heel nipping are part of the package.
7. The Swedish Vallhund requires grooming around once a week and has minimal doggy odor.
8. Eager to please though independent-minded, herding dogs are easily trained.

10 August 2008
Sire: NZCH Höckgårdens Teddy -Imp Sweden
Dam: NZCH Dlarah Ruby Tuesday - Imp Aust.
2008 Litter "The K9's"
7 Boys and 2 girls
Aust. Ch, HIC Vallarity Twist And Shout - exp Australia
Vallarity Norwegian Wood
Vallarity Follow The Sun - exp Canada
Aust & NZ Ch, HIC Vallarity Harlem Shuffle
Vallarity Lady Madonna
Vallarity Eleanor Rigby
Vallarity Teddy Boy
NZ CH, NSCH/09 Vallarity Ticket To Ride
Vallarity Day Tripper

17 May 2010
Sire: NZCH Vallarity Ticket To Ride
Dam: NZCH Valkrista Miss Popularity
2010: B Litter
6 Girls and 1 Boy
Vallarity Benjamin Button
Vallarity Bewitched
Vallarity Bridget Jones
Vallarity Bound For Glory
Vallarity Belle Star
Vallarity Before Sunrise
Vallarity Bedazzled

29 December 2010
Sire: NZCH Hogalids Dexter - Imp Sweden
Dam: NZCH Dlarah Ruby Tuesday - Imp Aust
2010: C Litter
2 Girls and 2 Boys
Vallarity Celebration
NZCH Vallarity Cracker Jack
Vallarity Chantilly Lace AD JDX
Vallarity Candy Cane

16 September 2011
Sire: NZCH Hogalids Dexter - Imp Sweden
Dam: NZCH Dlarah Ruby Tuesday - Imp Aust
2011: D Litter
3 Boys
Aust Ch Vallarity Denver - exp Australia
Vallarity Donovan
NZCH Vallarity Dylan

4 January 2013
Sire: Aust & NZCH Bodeneis Foxy Folkmar - Imp Finland
Dam: NZCH Dlarah Ruby Tuesday - Imp Aust.
2013: F Litter
4 Boys and 3 Girls
Vallarity Fantastic Mr Fox
Vallarity Fox On The Run
NZCH Vallarity Foxtrot Bravo
AUST CH Vallarity Fox N Sox - exp Australia
Vallarity Faerie Fox
NZCH Vallarity Foxy Fey
Vallarity Foxy Fallon - exp Australia

9 April 2014
Sire: NZCH Hogalids Dexter - Imp Sweden
Dam: NZCH Dlarah Ruby Tuesday - Imp Aust
2014: G Litter
5 Boys and 1 Girl
Vallarity Gandalf 2016 NZKC Canine Hero
Vallarity Galligaskins - exp Australia
Vallarity Gaelic Holly
Vallarity Geppetto
Vallarity Glorfindel

3 April 2015
Sire: NZCH Vallarity Foxtrot Bravo
Dam: NZCH Trendam Busy Being Fabulous - Imp Aust
2015: H Litter
2 Boys and 3 Girls
NZCH Vallarity Hip Hop Hillbilly
NZCH Vallarity Highland Fling
Vallarity Hippy Shake
NZCH Vallarity Hopscotch
Vallarity Hula Honey

16 January 2016
Sire: NZCH Hogalids Dexter - Imp Sweden
Dam: NZCH Vallarity Foxy Fey
2016: I Litter
2 Boys and 2 Girls
Vallarity Indiana Jones
Vallarity Inspector Gadget
Vallarity Imagine That
Vallarity Irrasistabelle
21 March 2017
Sire: NZCH Vanaheim Alchemy With Vallarity
Dam: NZCH Vallarity Hopscotch
2017: J Litter
5 Boys
Vallarity Johnny The Rocker
Vallarity Jumping Jack Flash
Vallarity Jive Talking
Vallarity Just Push Play
Vallarity Jungle Boogie
30 March 2017
Sire: NZCH Vanaheim Alchemy With Vallarity
Dam: NZCH Vallarity Foxy-Fey
2017: K Litter
1 Boy 1 Girl
Vallarity Kiss Me Kwik
Vallarity Kisses For Me
7 April 2009
Sire: Valkrista Paddy's Rune Stone
Dam: NZCH Valkrista Alatna
"The Gemstone Litter"
4 Boys and 1 Girl
Vanaheim A Little Bit of Onyx
Vanaheim A Splash of Sunstone
Vanaheim Mystic Topaz
Vanaheim Quiet Like Jasper
Vanaheim Lil Rose Quartz - exp Australia

2 May 2010
Sire: Vallarity Day Tripper
Dam: NZCH Valkrista Alatna
"The Beatles Litter"
2 Boys and 2 Girls
NZCH  Vanaheim Strawberry Fields
Vanaheim Penny Lane
Vanaheim Stg Pepper
Vanaheim Rhythm & Blues

8 December 2010
Sire: Candace Valkrista Voyager - Imp UK
Dam: NZCH Valkrista Alatna
"Pirate Voyager Litter"
3 Girls
NZCH Vanaheim Pirates Codex
Vanaheim Pirates Scallywag
Vanaheim Pirates Black Pearl

6 June 2011
Sire: Vallarity Day Tripper
Dam: Valkrista Windflower
"The Abby Road Litter"
4 Boys and 4 Girls
NZCH Vanaheim Heza Cool Cat
Vanaheim Rocky Raccoon
Vanaheim Johnny B Good - exp Australia
Vanaheim Mr Matchbox
Vanaheim Ain't She Sweet
Vanaheim Sheza Wild Honey Pie
Vanaheim Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Vanaheim September Rain

20 December 2012
Sire: NZCH Hogalids Dexter - Imp Sweden
Dam: NZCH Vanaheim Strawberry Fields
"Holly Days Litter"
2 Boys and 4 Girls
Vanaheim Naughty But Nice
Vanaheim Kaos Kid
Vanaheim Contrary Mary - exp USA
Vanaheim Witches Britches 
Vanaheim Calamity Jane - exp Australia
NZCH Vanaheim Making Mischief

3 September 2014
Sire: NZCH Hogalids Dexter - Imp Sweden
Dam: NZCH Valkrista Alatna
1 Boy
NZCH Vanaheim Alchemy With Vallarity
31 May 2016
Sire: Torval Magnus Kindlesson
Dam: NZCH Trendam Busy Being Fabulous
- Imp Aust.
"Hot Chocolate" Litter
2 Girls and 1 Boy
Vanaheim You Sexy Thing With Rhakantra
Vanaheim So You Win Again With Rhakantra
Vanaheim Everyones A Winner With Rhakantra
8 July 2006
Sire: AUST & NZCH Leesway Man About Town
Dam: NZCH Valkrista Maid Marion
"Star Litter"
3 Boys and 4 Girls
Torvall Acturus Argentum
Torvall Capella Rose
Torvall Ganymede Icelady
Torvall Major Tom Polaris
Torvall Star Diamond Lucy
Torvall Talitha Aoteroa
Torvall Ursa Major

30 November 2008
Sire: Ausled Ronn Chaz
Dam: NZCH Valkrista Maid Marion
"The Maori Litter"
8 Puppies
Torvall Kaeo-O-Karori
Torvall Hatu Patu
Torvall Maui-O-Karori
Torvall Sable-O-Karori
Torvall Hei Tikitiki
Torvall Karori Sassa
Torvall Tangaroa
Torvall Hejdahl Tane

2 September 2009
Sire: NZCH Hockgardens Teddy - Imp Sweden
Dam: NZCH Valkrista Maid Marion
"Cally Litter"
1 Puppy
NZCH Torvall Cally's Litten Flicka

11 February 2011
Sire: NZCH Vallarity Ticket To Ride
Dam: NZCH Valkrista Maid Marion
"Travellers Litter"
7 Puppies
Torvall First Class To Philae
Torvall Caravanserai
Torvall Colours Of Petra
Torvall Nunuvit Matters
Torvall Baffin Island Berg
Torvall Ummaanaq Eclipse
Torvall Life Is Akademik

31 March 2012
Sire: NZCH Vallarity Cracker Jack
Dam: NZCH Torvall Cally's Litten Flicka
"Neil Diamond Litter"
6 Puppies
Torvall Beautiful Noise
Torvall Forever In Blue Jeans
Torvall Porcupine Pie
Torvall Sweet Caroline
NZCH Torvall Crackling Rosie
Torvall Mr Bojangles

16 November 2013
Sire: NZCH Murival Antares
Dam: NZCH Torvall Cally's Litten Flicka
"Secret Litter"
2 Boys
Torvall Magnus Kindlesson
Torvall Bosse Kindlesson 

5 April 2014
Sire: NZCH Hogalids Dexter - Imp Sweden
Dam: NZCH Torvall Crackling Rosie
5 Girls and 4 Boys
Torvall Maiden Vallarity
NZCH Torvall Sloane Ranger
Torvall You Make Me Happy
Torvall Wind Beneath My Wings
Torvall Bee Bop A Lula
Torvall Right Said Fred
Torvall Lickabilly Sam
Torvall Sing Us A Song
Torvall Rock The Casbah - exp Australia

26 February 2015
Sire: NZCH Vallarity Cracker Jack
Dam: NZCH Torvall Cally's Litten Flicka
6 Puppies
4 Boys & 1 Girl
Torvall Bobbie's Girl
Torvall Little Jack
Torvall The MacGregor
Torvall Ron's Triumph
Torvall Robert The Bruce
15 November 2016
Sire: NZCH Vallarity Highland Fling
Dam: NZCH Torvall Crackling Rosie
8 Puppies
4 Boys & 4 Girls
Torvall My Leannan
Torvall Highland Dancer
Torvall Bonnie Lassie
Torvall Wild Heather
Torvall Laird Ofthe Glen
Torvall Danny Boy
Torvall The Pipes Are Calling
Torvall Mull Of Kintyre
 November 2016
Sire: NZCH Vallarity Highland Fling
Dam: NZCH Torvall Sloane Ranger